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House cleaning: room by room.

This article is from Heloise at goodhousekeeping.com.   Rather than save up chores, I live by the philosophy "Clean as you go." In fact, I often multitask while I minitask! So the next time you're chatting on the phone or waiting for a TV show to start, look around the room (or check the list [...]

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Tips on how to clean your Ipad (or other smart devices)

The following post is from Margaret at Teresasfamilycleaning.com Okay all my “Smart” electronic devices users… How many of you have ruined your Ipad screen (or other smart device) because you sprayed it with window cleaner, or grabbed a pre-moistened wipe and rubbed away all your fingerprints? Well you also rubbed away a protective coating that’s found on all screens, [...]

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Keep Your Patio Looking New

Summer is rolling around and it is a great time to entertain on your patio. But how to keep all that furniture looking new outside?If you haven’t already started grilling out and gathering on the back patio, here are the easy-to-follow clean up tips to get your outdoor furniture ready for your next gathering. For [...]

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(Almost) Instant Bedroom Cleaning Tips

The following is from The Clean Sweep's Housekeeping The one overarching, guiding principle in making quick work of housekeeping is this:  Neatness Counts! Neat and not-so-clean beats clean and not-so-neat every time. Even our housekeepers have been fooled by a neat house that looks clean even though layers of dirt may be hiding most everywhere! So pick up. [...]

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25 Ways to Involve Little Family Members Around the House

The following post is from Becky of Clean Mama It’s the end of the school year and summer is just around the corner.  Why not take a little time this Mother’s Day week to think of ways that you can involve the little family members in some daily tasks around the house.  It’s a little gift [...]

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How to keep your floors beautiful

The following post is from Angela Says: A Cleaning Blog Whether you’re dealing with the floors that came with your home, or you’ve invested a pretty penny to buy your dream floors, it’s important to know how to take care of them and keep them beautiful for as long as possible. Although each type of [...]

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How to make your own “Green” Cleaners

If one of your Earth Day resolutions is to “go green” with your home cleaning regimen, start by re-thinking your cleaning solutions. Many store-bought cleaners are made of manmade chemicals and bleaches (among other ingredients), bringing up questions about toxicity and the cleaners’ effect on human health. According to OrganicConsumers.org, “while the chemicals in cleaners foam, [...]

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